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Jan 28, 2020

Great episode if you like entertaining guests.  Peter invests up to $250k initial checks out of PLG Ventures and is not afraid to invest super-early (pre-product, pre-revenue).  

He helps his portfolio companies on all things organizational behavior, but was formerly CEO of AmTrust, the largest privately held...

Jan 22, 2020

We got a chance to catch up with Erik about Honey's $4B exit, his new partner Omar, his decision-making process and all things Mucker ($100k - $1.5M checks and a lot of elbow grease).

Jan 14, 2020

MAC is a $100m fund writing $500k - $1.5m checks. David and I didn't talk much because Mike had so many great stories.  He tells us about his partners Adrian Fenty, Marlon Nichols, Charles King and some of the cool stuff in interactive media today.

Lil Miquela :
... makes

Jan 7, 2020

Kelly is founding partner of Moonshots Capital where he invests $500k - $1.5M with conviction into extraordinary leadership with a heavy emphasis on leaders with a military background.  

We enjoyed talking with him about his experience running a syndicate and winning Season 2 of the Apprentice and working with Donald...