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Jul 28, 2021

From sitting on the Roku board from 2011 - 2018, Daniel Leff saw disruption in the media industry first hand.

He says that, unlike in tech, disruption in media comes from working with the incumbents rather than working against them.

Jul 21, 2021

Raina is a partner at The Fund LA along with Anna Barber, Josh Jones, and Austin Murray.  

We talk about The Fund, ethics in tech, the benefits of daily turmeric and more.

Jul 14, 2021

I could have talked with Mike for many more hours.. about building Science, building consumer brands, NFTs, social networks, parenting and much more. 
Worth a listen even if just for inspiration on building better social networks for our children.

Jul 7, 2021

Anna Barber is a partner at M13 where she is launching consumer startups.  She's also a partner at The Fund LA, an LA-focused pre-seed fund.  
Anna tells us about the difference between launching companies (narrowing the focus) and accelerating companies (widening the aperture), doing Series A investments and much...