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Mar 22, 2023

Howard Morgan is the Chairman and General Partner at B Capital and previously the co-founder of First Round Capital.

Howard shares his perspective on building successful seed funds (he's an LP in 80), what is exciting him today in tech and how he has chosen such great partners throughout his life.


Mar 8, 2023

Another great Southern California Series A fund and another great investor moving from the Bay Area to LA.
Toba partner Patrick Mathieson tells us why he moved from the Bay Area to LA to pursue his thesis around companies building platforms for SMB.
Patrick has invested in Boulevard, PatientPop, FloQast,...

Feb 24, 2023

David Zhang is a partner at TCV, a ~21B AUM growth fund that has invested in companies like Brex, Airbnb, Klarna, and Nubank.

David leans in on FinTech investing and tells us about some of his theses on the unbundling (and bundling) of financial services.

David comes from a hedge fund background and also shares why he...

Feb 8, 2023

Don't let the joy get sucked out of investing.

Investor Emilio Diez Barroso reminds us to remain focused on the joys of creativity and creating value.  
Emilio invests from his own family office and as a partner at Bold Capital, a Series A fund with a focus on frontier tech, biotech and innovations that have the...

Jan 25, 2023

When Taylor Adams advises family offices on setting up venture programs he recommends investing into fund of funds for coverage, emerging managers for access and direct investments for alpha.  
In addition to his family office work, Taylor is the co-founder of Rise Together Ventures, a fund enabling...