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Aug 2, 2023


Katelyn Foley is the President of UP.Labs, a venture lab that builds SaaS companies in partnership with large corporations. Katelyn was previously a partner at BCG Digital Ventures.


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In this episode, you will learn:

(1:03) How Katelyn has created 15 businesses in 8 years.

(2:57) What about the studio model Katelyn changed when coming to UP.Labs

(4:00) How Katelyn selects a strategic problem to build a business around.

(6:49) Why startups should not be doing digital transformation work.

(8:20) Why public companies struggle to incubate new businesses.

(10:00) Why opportunities exist where high value and high friction meet.

(11:59) In SaaS, you want to augment decisions that already happen.

(14:04) Intelligence augmentation is the buzzword.

(17:04) Where opportunity exists for OEMs while the industry shifts to EV.

(21:30) How Katelyn sources new opportunities. 

(23:18) Katelyn’s opinion of CVCs.

(27:27): Why businesses developed by UP.Labs only need seed funding. 


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